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In order to increase the efficiency and production quantity and quality in the manufacturing industry and also to minimize the waste rate, automation systems are becoming more and more integrated with hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Machines, work machines, production lines of factories, always get better quality, always more productive with the returns of automation. In addition, human-machine interfaces are provided to be user-friendly and the highest efficiency is obtained in manpower.

Mert Teknik has used electrical, electronic, software supported hydraulic and pneumatic systems especially in the projects it has designed and implemented in the last 15 years. In the past, while providing and installing electrical , electronic , software support needs through its subcontractors, it was decided to establish an automation department  in its own structure in 2012  and this was realized in a short period of 6 months.

With the establishment of the mechanical power transmission department in 2018, the company's field of activity is now in four main areas.

Nowadays, we continue to provide electronic products and software support to our customers. These services include a wide range of industrial machines and production lines, mobile vehicles (construction equipment, cranes, platforms, etc.) and marine vehicles. In addition, turn-key machine design or software support is provided.

MERT TEKNIK Inc. is a member of MERT Group