Dudullu O.S.B. 1. Cad. No.9 (34776)
Ümraniye- İSTANBUL
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Thanks to our experienced and expert engineering team and wide manufacturing facilities suitable for our industry, we provide design, overhaul and manufacturing services to all kinds of industrial, mobile and military projects with hydraulic and / or pneumatic content.


With the Unigraphics 3D solid modeling software, our projects are prepared and controlled primarily in computer environment.


An illustration of our 3D Unigraphics drawings.

The waterproof container that we have produced for marine applications and the hydraulic power unit we put into it.


Hydrostatic driven radio controlled, 90 degree side walkable, 7 and 9 axles, 200 and 300 tons can carry special trailers which are produced for ÇİMTAŞ ( Enka Group)

Eregli Port ferry landing ramp, sea waves between the ship and the pier are partially damped.

Tandem roller changing car for Ereğli Iron and Steel Works.

MERT TEKNIK Inc. is a member of MERT Group