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CKD Corporation:

CKD's high-performance products have been developed based on the technologies of automatic machines. It offers the most suitable systems for our customers' needs, including high purity chemical gas / liquid control systems, fluid control systems and workforce saving systems.

CKD supports the development of environmentally friendly products based on environmental policy. Employees strive to design products that are easy to use and compatible with nature.



CKD Pneumatic Circuit Elements:

The CKD product range includes products for many needs, such as fluid control, clean room, environmental precautions and energy saving. CKD develops and manufactures pneumatic system complementary products such as conditioners and dryers with its experience and knowledge. It covers. As one of the leaders in the world of pneumatic technology, it constantly develops products that best meet the market needs.

High purity chemical gas / liquid control system:

Semiconductors and message technology product sectors such as LCDs need control products to operate in a clean room. In order to achieve high purity and high precision in the entire semiconductor field, the elements providing the highest level of control from the inlet line to the discharge line include products for chemical, gas and high vacuum control.

Fluid control parts:

Development of elements and devices for the control and efficient control of fluids such as water, air, gas steam and oil is an important branch of CKD technology. This range of tasks also includes a continuous increase in the range of products including valves, systems and environmental equipment such as sprinklers, dust filters, gas fuel systems, cleaning equipment and waste treatment systems. High quality and diversity is the main objective of our group of fluid control elements.

Workforce savings elements:

In the development and manufacturing automations we implement; High sensitivity, high speed and low cost. We use this point of view and our manufacturing technology to create products that fit the needs of the user. In our product range; controllability units, direct-drive actuators and hold-off units for controllability, output performance, strength, speed and smooth movements in accordance with the needs of our customers

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