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Intermot company started to manufacture and sell radial piston hydraulic motor for various applications for mobile and industrial purposes in 1985 and has been included in SAI Group since 2010. With over 30 years of experience, it produces reliable products and offers optimum solutions to meet customer needs.



Intermot brand Radial Piston Hydraulic Motors; maximizes system performance with long operating life and high power generation.


  • Fixed displacement / Double displacement / Wheel type engine options
  • Wide displacement range from 80 cc to 8062 cc and different body sizes
  • Negative / Positive Brake options
  • Splined and milled shaft options
  • High load carrying capacity
  • High volume and mechanical efficiency


Scope of application:

  • Industrial Machines
  • Mobile Tools
  • agricultural machinery
  • Drilling and Mining
  • Marine Applications
  • Recycling Machines
MERT TEKNIK Inc. is a member of MERT Group