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The API heat transfer company continues in a more powerful way after merging with Thermassys Corporation in 2012 to become one of the world's leading suppliers of heat transfer solutions for design and manufacture.

API Heat Transfer, headquartered in the US, offers a wide range of high-quality solutions in the market with the brands Airtech, Basco, Covrad, Schmidt-Bretten, ThermaSys Tubing and TTP.

TTP in API Heat Transfer manufactures the following product groups.


• Water-oil cooler (tube type - shell & tubes)

• Water-oil cooler (Plate type)

• Air type oil cooler

• Hydraulic oil cooling systems


Apart from these standard products, TTP offers package solutions such as diesel engine cooling module which is designed and manufactured for special requests of machine manufacturers.




• Mobile hydraulic

• Oil and gas industry

• Industrial machinery

• Agriculture

• Material transfer

• Compressor

• Process

• Shipping

• Build

• Mining

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