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Since 1989, NIHON PISCO has been serving in the automation, semiconductor, food, medical and electronic industries with pneumatic products. PISCO is ready for service with its wide range of products and high quality to meet customer needs.

PISCO also produces environmentally sensitive products. These products comply with the European RoHS standards.


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Flow control valves

Regulators and filters


Vacuum elements


Gripper and rotary actuators



Quick Couplings

Fasteners for mold cores

Fasteners for special applications

Pressure gauges

Pressure and vacuum sensors

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Standard valves and connections:

  • You can see the fluid in the sleeve thanks to the transparent housing
  • PP or 304 grade stainless options according to your application
  • Compatible with many special seals including EPDM and NBR
  • Products can be supplied in clean room conditions (washed and class 1000 standard) except standard packaging if requested.
  • If 304 quality stainless is preferred as thread connection, tooth surface sealant can be selected with or without coating.

Valves and connections for chemical application:

  • Since the fasteners are made of 100% plastic, there is no rusting problem. These products are suitable for FSA food regulations and because they do not contain oil, they are ideal for food applications.
  • Compatible with many special seals including EPDM and NBR
  • Products are packed and packed in clean room conditions (class 1000 is optional)

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