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REGGIANA RIDUTTORI manufactures and manufactures planetary boxes for mobile and industrial applications, caster type boxes for wheels and roads, and hydraulically operated load-retaining brakes.

REGGIANA RIDUTTORI is the world's leading company in the transfer elements industry, using the most advanced technology in design and production. REGGIANA RIDUTTORI's experience in the industry and a wide range of products enable it to serve the most diverse sectors.


Reach Catalog

Planetary gear boxes:

Helical gear boxes

Wheel type gearboxes

Negative brakes


Planetary gear boxes:

  • Planetary gearboxes for mobile and industrial applications
  • Wheel type gearboxes for tire wheels and tracked vehicles
  • Hydraulic-actuated load-bearing brakes (negative brake)
  • Pump drive and speed booster gearboxes



  • Construction and mining industry
  • Marine and environmental technology
  • Plastic machinery and metal form machinery
  • Chemical and food industry
  • Agriculture and forestry lifting machines and transport vehicles


MERT TEKNIK Inc. is a member of MERT Group